Let us add even greater value to your offering

Do your customers need a fully fledged, integrated invoicing solution? Partner with InExchange and offer our solutions to your customers. Our solution is not industry dependent and can be adapted to give your solution an additional dimension.

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Flexible turnkey solution adapted for your customers

Together, we will provide your customers and users with a turnkey invoicing offering that can easily be adapted to your systems and existing business models. As a partner you will be able to access our entire service offering, whether it pertains to supplier invoices, customer invoices or e-order services. Our services can be accessed via our API, but they can also be used through other types of integrations.

Why should you partner with InExchange?

As a partner of InExchange, you will receive technical and commercial support to create the best customer offering. We offer a turnkey solution where all invoices are handled digitally to and from your solution.

E-invoices & legal requirements

Ensure that your customers comply with the act on mandatory e-invoicing for public authorities, municipalities and organizations.

User-friendly solution

Our invoicing service is flexible and user-friendly. It is used by thousands of companies every day.

InExchange Network

Your customers become part of our business network. Here, hundreds of thousands of users exchange digital orders and invoices.

InExchange API

Integrating your solution with InExchange is easy. A turnkey solution for invoice processing is created for your customers via our API.

Take a look at our API

Customer invoices

Firstly, InExchange ensures invoices are delivered as e-invoices, either via InExchange Network, Peppol or interconnection, but of course we also provide PDF and paper invoices.

Supplier invoices

Receive e-invoices directly in your solution and receive converted paper and PDF invoices. Your customers can achieve a high proportion of e-invoices by being visible to hundreds of thousands of companies within InExchange Network and Peppol.

It feels safe having a supplier with such a strong sales capacity.


Jan Kjellin
Marketing manager and founder, KR System

Jan Kjellin Jan Kjellin

Our partners

Giza solutions

Company: Giza solutions AB
ERP system: Pyramid
Industry: Cross-industry


Company: FAST2 Affärssystem AB
ERP system: FAST2
Industry: Property company


Company: Exsitec AB
ERP system: Medius AP Automation
Industry: Cross-industry


Company: WinAssist AB
ERP system: WinAssist
Industry: Vehicle sales, workshop and finance


Company: Tic-Tac Mobile AB
ERP system: Tic-Tac
Industry: Training technology


Company: TenWeb AB
ERP system: Factory
Industry: Craft industries

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