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It doesn’t matter whether you are a sole proprietor, a municipality, a region, a medium-sized enterprise, a major company or a large group. InExchange offers integrations to suit all—whatever your needs.

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Integrate on your terms

There are many ways to integrate with InExchange in order to simplify your invoicing.
We offer everything from an online interface to an invoice printer and a number of off-the-shelf integrations in many ERP systems.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Use our online solution to create and send e-invoices or download our invoice printer and send invoices directly from your ERP system. Many ERP systems are already integrated with InExchange—which ones? You can read more about this further down.

Larger companies

Do you have more complex invoicing and need flexibility? Our solutions for integration offer a great deal of flexibility for adapting to your technical environment and your business rules.


Do you need to offer your customers a turnkey solution in invoice processing? Then we will take care of this with InExchange API. It is a solution that means that your customers receive our invoice functions integrated into your ERP system.

Which integration suits you best?

With InExchange you achieve a 100 percent digital business process for managing your invoices, without installing additional software. Our services are suitable for all levels and needs. See which solution is just right for you.

InExchange online interface

Get started in five minutes and start creating and sending e-invoices to your customers. Perfect if you send few invoices or don’t have an accounting system but need to send e-invoices to the public sector, for instance.

Virtual printer

Our virtual printer captures the printout file from your invoice system and converts it so that the invoice can be delivered as an e-invoice or PDF or be printed out on paper and mailed. Suitable for companies that want to automate and streamline their invoice processing.


Transfer your invoice file for automatic handling and distribution. An invoice file can be sent in the relevant standard format, but we also offer flexible solutions for other formats, conversions and business rules.


Do you need to offer your customers invoicing services? Build towards our API and create an invoicing service for your customers. Suitable for ERP system providers, finance companies and more.

Do you already have access to InExchange in your system?

InExchange is already an integrated service in many ERP systems currently


ERP system: Entré
Company: Hantverksdata
BranscIndustry: Construction and service company

Entré Office

ERP system: Entré Office
Company: Hantverksdata
Industri: Craft industries


ERP system: NetSuite
Company: Suitespot AB
Industry: Cross-industry

Microsoft Business Central 365

ERP system: Microsoft Business Central 365
Company: Update Affärssystem Göteborg AB
Industry: Cross-industri

Automaster, Dracar+

ERP system: Automaster, Dracar+
Company: CDK Sverige AB och CDK Norge AS
Industry: Automobile industry

Infoflex Grossist

ERP system: Infoflex Grossist
Company: Infoflex AB
Industry: Grossistföretag


ERP system: Xledger
Company: Xledger AB
Industry: Branschöverskridande


ERP system: ScandiSys
Company: ScandiSys AB
Industry: Travel industry

Techotel Picasso

ERP system: Techotel Picasso
Company: AK Techotel AB
Industry: Hotels, conference centers, restaurants

I am most amazed at how it could be so complicated before when it was actually so easy with InExchange.


Carina Pedersen
ERP Manager, Midroc Electro AB

Flexible solution that suits everyone

We have integrations for all needs and all sizes. Find out more in our price plan information.

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