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Invoicing on autopilot.

Are you looking for a much smoother and more cost-effective invoicing solution? A solution which at the same time satisfies legal requirements for e-invoicing? More and more companies and organizations are choosing to digitalize their invoice flow.

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All invoices in the same flow and according to the customer’s wish

With InExchange you can send all invoices in one flow, and with the method of delivery that your customer wants.
The invoice can be delivered digitally, regardless of whether your customer is a municipality, a region, a company or a private individual.
For those customers who cannot handle their invoices digitally, the invoice will be printed and sent by mail.

How does your customer want to have their invoice?

With InExchange your invoices can be delivered as e-invoices, PDF invoices or paper invoices.
We will deliver your invoices as your customers wish.


InExchange will deliver your e-invoices to companies, the public sector and private individuals. You will reach all your customers via InExchange and have the option of sending within Peppol’s network.

PDF invoice

If your customer wants to receive their invoices by e-mail, we will take care of it. When we send a PDF invoice by e-mail, we make sure that the invoice arrives and is delivered with a high level of security.


We are striving to ensure that all invoices are sent digitally, but we realize that invoices sometimes need to be printed and mailed. Our print service offers flexibility and high-quality delivery.

Integrate with InExchange

There are many ways to integrate with InExchange in order to simplify your invoicing. We have solutions for everyone from sole proprietors to large groups and the public sector. See which service satisfies your needs.

Online interface

Do you have only a few invoices or do you lack an ERP system? Then our online invoicing is perfect! Via InExchange you can create your invoices and use the desired method of delivery to send them.

Virtual printer

The easiest way to send invoices directly from your ERP system is via our virtual printer. It is compatible with most systems on the market and allows you to get started quickly and easily.

File transfer

In order to achieve invoice processing that is as automated as possible, we recommend that you integrate directly with InExchange. We can handle most invoice formats and support SFTP and API. Our integrated services offer a high degree of flexibility and customization.

Via your ERP system

InExchange is integrated with many ERP systems, which makes it easy and convenient for you to send invoices Ready-made integrations are available, such as Visma eEkonomi, Visma Administration, Hantverksdata, FDT, Pyramid and many more.

All invoices in the same flow

Send all invoices in the same flow. One procedure for all methods of delivery.

Best delivery

The invoice is delivered in the best way to your customer.

Satisfy legal requirements

Satisfy the legal requirement for e-invoicing in the public sector.

With two clicks of a button, you’ve saved time and money and also contributed to a better environment.


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All features...

E-invoice for companies

Through the InExchange Network and Peppol and by interconnecting with all operators in the Nordic region and a number of operators on the European markets, you can send e-invoices to hundreds of thousands of companies and organizations.

E-invoices for private individuals

Let your customers receive and pay for their invoices directly in their online bank. Very appreciated for recurring invoicing to private individuals. It is a form of payment that is established and which many are comfortable with.

PDF invoice

Send your invoice as a PDF image to an e-mail address that you specify. We keep a close eye on the invoice and check that it arrives. You will be notified if your customer does not receive their invoice.


We print out invoices, put them in envelopes and distribute them by mail. With InExchange’s print service, you can choose from different variants: color or black and white, A or B post, single- or double-sided printing and much more.


Our solutions enable you to gather associated attachments and attach them to the e-invoice. These might include specifications, packing slips, time reports and so on.

Invoice processing

Via InExchange you can resend your invoice with another method of delivery or to another address, send a copy of the invoice to a customer or colleague and correct information that is incorrect in the invoice such as reference and order numbers.<


Send invoices via Peppol and satisfy the legal requirement for e-invoicing in the public sector. Since April 2021, Peppol BIS Billing 3 has been the standard that Swedish state authorities choose to recommend.

Create invoice online

Create and send invoices directly in InExchange. Simple invoicing directly in your browser. You can connect your company, log in and start registering your invoices in just a few minutes.

Virtual printer

Create and send invoices directly from your ERP system. The virtual printer is a program that is easily installed on your computer and is compatible with most ERP systems on the market.

File transfer

Transfer your invoice file for automatic handling and distribution. An invoice file can be sent in the relevant standard format, but we also offer flexible solutions for other formats, conversions and business rules.


Produce reports on your sent invoices or activate monthly reports. We can also offer several integrated reports that you can import into your systems.


In your InExchange account you will receive an overview of your sent invoices—how they were delivered, amounts over time, etc.


On April 1, 2019 the Swedish act regarding e-invoicing in public procurement (2018:1177) entered into force. By sending your invoices with InExchange, you satisfy the legal requirement.

Direct payment

You can get paid directly for your invoices instead of waiting until the invoice is due. You will sell the invoice to us and avoid the administration and unnecessary wait. You will receive your money safely and quickly.

Flexible solution that suits everyone

We have solutions for all needs and all sizes. Find out more in our price plan information. See which solution meets your needs.

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