Processing of personal data

InExchange processes your personal data in order to manage your inquiries and to create an interest profile. Your profile is used to adapt page views to our website for the purpose of increasing the relevance for you. Personal data is also used to enable us to contact you and to communicate information and offers.

In order for us to build an impression of what you are interested in, we use the data you provide us with and register how you navigate our pages and how you use our services. InExchange does not share your personal data with anyone other than the suppliers of our IT system.
We secure your personal data and rights through processing agreements with these suppliers. Where a supplier is located (processes personal data) outside the EU/EEA, InExchange will guarantee that there is a legal basis for transferring your personal data to that country. You will find more information about our personal data processing and your rights in our Privacy Statement. If you have any questions about how InExchange processes your personal data, contact us at