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Sole proprietors, small and medium-sized enterprises and large groups obviously have different needs. Our services therefore cover the whole scale.
We offer solutions for all levels. See what is included in our services for sending invoices, supplier invoices and e-orders.

Which solution is suitable for you?

Web Basic


 per month

With Basic you can send up to 100 e-invoices per year free of charge to a limited number of recipients.

All our standard features

SEK 0 per e-invoice

1 user

Only supports e-invoices

Maximum of 100 e-invoices per year

Web Plus

SEK 49

 per month*

With Plus, you can send an unlimited number of e-invoices, PDF invoices, and paper invoices to all your customers.

All our standard features

Unlimited number of invoices per month

2 users (SEK 49 per extra user, per month)

Reach all recipients

Add attachments

Supports all formats

SEK 2 per e-invoice

SEK 8.70 per paper invoice

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Invoice printer

SEK 99

 per month*

With Invoice Printer, you can send e-invoices, PDF invoices, and paper invoices to all your customers from your system.

All our standard features

Unlimited number of invoices per month

Reach all recipients

Use your own invoice template

Add attachments

Supports all formats

SEK 3 per e-invoice

SEK 8.70 per paper invoice

Integrated service


Send an unlimited number of e-invoices, PDF invoices, and paper invoices to your customers.

All our standard features

Unlimited number of invoices per month

Add multiple users

Integrate directly with your business management system

Add attachments

Automatic reading of PDF and paper invoices

* Invoiced annually

InExchange standard features

Meets legal requirements

Meets the legal requirements for e-invoicing in the public sector (2018:1277) and satisfies your customers’ wishes.


Do your invoices need more information? You can add attachments such as time reporting to your invoices.


Your invoices are always stored with us for 18 months. Although your invoices are always stored with us for 18 months, we also offer extended storage terms if desired.


Regardless of the service you choose, you can always get help via our help center or from one of our fantastic team members.


View statistics and find trends in relation to all your managed invoices. There’s a lot of information at your fingertips.


Produce reports for meetings and presentations using our online interface, or receive them via e-mail, API, or SFTP.

60 000+

companies rely on us

Questions & Answers

Why e-invoices?

E-invoices are the absolute safest, smoothest and most cost-effective method of sending invoices. Sending electronically also results in quicker payment, thanks to the recipient receiving the invoice quicker and in a way that is easier to manage. The environment also benefits from e-invoices as they require neither paper nor transport.

Can you send invoices in several formats via InExchange?

It is true that invoices exist in various formats, but if you send via InExchange, there is no need to spend time and energy on it. Send your usual format and we’ll take care of the rest. If the recipient requests another format than the one you used, we will perform a conversion. It’s easy for us and convenient for you.

How long is the agreement period?

The agreement period runs until further notice and is extended by one year at a time unless the service is cancelled.

How long is the notice period?

Notice must be given at least three months before the expiry of the agreement period. For customers who have the Enterprise service, the notice period is specified in the agreement.

Do I have to have an ERP system?

No, you don’t need an ERP system to be able to send your invoices via InExchange.
As a user of the Web Base or Web Plus services, you create your invoices in our online portal.

Can I sell my invoices to InExchange?

Yes, that is certainly possible. With our InExchange Paid Directly service you can get paid directly for your invoices instead of waiting until the invoice is due. Read more under the service Paid Directly.

Is it possible to connect several users to the same invoice account?

Yes, the option of having two users is included in the Web Plus and Invoice printer services. If you would like to add an additional administrator, this is also possible. In this case you should contact our customer service.
However, in the Web Base service the number is limited to one user.

Can anyone apart from me view my invoices?

No, the user linked to the invoicing service is the only person who can view the invoices. However, if the account is associated with a company with several registered users, the invoices can obviously be viewed by anyone who has authorization to use the service.

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