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Are you looking for a special integration? Here we list all. Are you missing any for your particular business system? Do not hesitate to contact us. We often find good solutions.

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ERP system: Entré
Company: Hantverksdata
BranscIndustry: Construction and service company

Entré Office

ERP system: Entré Office
Company: Hantverksdata
Industri: Craft industries


ERP system: NetSuite
Company: Suitespot AB
Industry: Cross-industry

Microsoft Business Central 365

ERP system: Microsoft Business Central 365
Company: Update Affärssystem Göteborg AB
Industry: Cross-industri

Automaster, Dracar+

ERP system: Automaster, Dracar+
Company: CDK Sverige AB och CDK Norge AS
Industry: Automobile industry

Infoflex Grossist

ERP system: Infoflex Grossist
Company: Infoflex AB
Industry: Grossistföretag


ERP system: Xledger
Company: Xledger AB
Industry: Branschöverskridande


ERP system: ScandiSys
Company: ScandiSys AB
Industry: Travel industry

Techotel Picasso

ERP system: Techotel Picasso
Company: AK Techotel AB
Industry: Hotels, conference centers, restaurants

Axaco Air

ERP system: Axaco Air
Company: Axaco Event System AB
Industry: The events industry


ERP system: FileMaker
Company: PositionEtt AB
Industry: Cross-industry


ERP system: L.E.B
Company: L.E.B System AB
Industry: Property management


ERP system: Briljant
Company: Briljant Ekonomisystem AB
Industry: Cross-industry

System Fackhandel

ERP system: System Fackhandel
Company: Fackhandelsdata i Stockholm AB
Industry: Trade and retail


ERP system: FDT
Company: FDT System AB
Industry: Retail trade

Odoo ERP

ERP system: Odoo ERP
Company: Linserv AB
Industry: Cross-industry


ERP system: MillTime
Company: Millnet AB
Industry: Time reporting


ERP system: COSMOZ
Company: Neovici AB
Industry: Retail trade


ERP system: PP7
Company: PP7 AB
Industry: Cross-industry


ERP system: Pyramid
Company: Unikum AB
Industry: Cross-industry

Hyrma Administration

ERP system: Hyrma Administration
Company: Hyrma AB
Industry: Plant hire

Spectra Systems

ERP system: Spectra Systems
Company: Spectra Systems
Industry: Hospitality: hotels, conference and vacation facilities, restaurants


ERP system: Opter
Company: Opter AB
Industry: Transport and logistics company

Hogia Byggsystem

ERP system: Hogia Byggsystem
Company: Hogia Byggsystem AB
Industry: Construction and craft industry


ERP system: Gardeco
Company: Gardeco AB
Industry: Retail trade


ERP system: HD-Transport
Comppany: Holmedal Data AB
Industry: Taxi and courier service

Magenta Data

ERP system: Magenta
Company: Magenta Data AB
Industry: Branschöverskridande

Visma eEkonomi, Admin, Compact, Online

ERP system: eEkonomi, Admin, Compact, Online
Company: Visma Spcs AB
Industry: Cross-industry

Visma Control

ERP system: Visma Control
Company: Visma Software AB
Industry: Time reporting


ERP system: WinHyra
Company: Örndata Systemutveckling AB
Industry: Plant hire, rental systems

SoftOne GO

ERP system: SoftOne Go
Company: SoftOne Sverige AB
Industry: Craft industries, commerce, service companies


ERP system: Factory
Company: TenWeb AB
Industry: Craft industries


ERP system: Tic-Tac
Company: Tic-Tac Mobile AB
Industry: Training technology


ERP system: WinAssist
Company: WinAssist AB
Industry: Vehicle sales, workshop and finance


ERP system: Medius AP Automation
Company: Exsitec AB
Industry: Cross-industry


ERP system: FAST2
Company: FAST2 Affärssystem AB
Industry: Property company

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