Reminder & Debt collection service

It should be easy to get paid

Many companies lack a procedure for keeping track of their unpaid invoices.
With our Reminder & Debt collection service, you have full control and can be paid for your invoices more easily and quickly.

60 000+

companies rely on us

Assume full control directly in your invoice processing

The service is smooth.
You manage your cases via your InExchange account.
Through notifications you can find out which of your sent invoices are overdue and can either allow the process to proceed automatically or control it manually with the push of a button. You may have different terms for different customers, for example, if you want automatic reminders for one customer and manual ones for another.

Automate requirement management

The customers’ payments are matched automatically against your invoices and reminders are generated for unpaid invoices.

Convenient overview

Our service gives you a clear overview of which invoices are overdue and which are set for reminders or debt collection.

Shorten your throughput times

We help you to get paid through quick and secure invoice deliveries and reliable reminder and debt collection management.

Integrate the service directly in your invoicing service

Reminder & Debt collection is available as a valuable addition to your integrated invoicing service with us. By ordering Reminder & Debt collection you will receive access to the service when you log in to our website.

How it works

InExchange retrieves your payment information from your bank.

The payments are matched against your sent invoices.

You log in to InExchange and review and supplement the matched payments.

You choose which reminders you want to send.

Your customer will receive a reminder from our partner, Visma Financial Solutions.

If the customer does not pay, the case will proceed to debt collection.

When the customer has paid, the case is closed automatically.

You can always cancel your cases manually via InExchange.

Integrate Reminders & Debt Collection into your invoicing service directly

Reminders & Debt Collection is available as a valuable add-on to your integrated invoicing service with us. If you’re interested in this service, please get in touch.

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