E-invoices are created and sent between two parties and are structured in an electronic format.


An e-invoice is an invoice that is sent, received and handled completely electronically. E-invoices contain the same information as a normal invoice but in a structured electronic format and are sent via a so-called invoice exchange to the recipient. There they are received directly into an accounting system or a pre-system ready for approval and can be handled completely automatically if you have support for this.

EDIFACT invoice

Två andra förekommande fakturatyper är EDI-faktura och PDF-faktura.

EDI-faktura, också kallat EDIFACT-faktura, bygger det på en gammal standard och är oftast väldigt komplex. Den skickas med en en-till-en-koppling och har nästa lika många dialekter som användare.

PDF invoice

PDF invoices are sometimes mistaken for e-invoices because they are sent by e-mail, but they are not actually electronic. A PDF invoice is actually an image of an invoice. This means that PDF invoices must be interpreted or scanned in order to be read correctly. That is why both senders and recipients prefer e-invoices. Then you know that all information will appear on the invoice and that none of the contents can be misinterpreted.

Different e-invoice formats

There are different types of formats when talking about e-invoices.
The most common format in Sweden is Svefaktura 1.0; however, the intention is for it to be phased out and replaced successively with Peppol BIS Billing 3.
Since April 1, 2021, Svefaktura has no longer been recommended as the standard by SFTI (Single Face To Industry). Instead, Peppol BIS Billing 3 is recommended as it is a modern format that satisfies today’s requirements. It works better internationally, has greater flexibility, offers wider documentation and includes more support tools.

However, Svefaktura can of course be used just as before. Although DIGG (the agency for digital government) has deregistered Svefaktura from Peppol’s network, it is only the channel that is affected. Interoperability is not affected at all. In that case, Svefaktura works exactly as before.

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