2015 Svevia

Svevia miljöpriset 2015 Svevia miljöpriset 2015

Last week we awarded the InExchange environmental award to Svevia.
In the two years they have been part of the InExchange Network, they have embarked on a fantastic journey and have currently achieved 91% incoming e-invoices. The key to Svevia’s success has been in giving all suppliers the ability to send e-invoices, and in their initiatives with the smallest suppliers.

In September they communicated clearly that they would no longer be receiving paper invoices, something which Linda Eriksson Broby, accounts receivable manager, also recommended they do.

“It made a huge difference, and many of our suppliers got started.”

The motivation for Svevia’s award: “By creating the economic and technical conditions for their suppliers, they have also shown the way toward a more eco-smart society.”

InExchange environmental award was first presented in May 2014.
The award is given to customers that in one way or another have taken special measures to reduce their own paper consumption and that of others.

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