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Fanny Averborg Fanny Averborg

In its 2020 business plan, Newsec Property Asset Management set the goal of increasing the proportion of e-invoices in order to streamline and digitize the invoicing process and delivery to customers.
The results exceeded all expectations. The Swedish management company performed twice as well with e-invoices.
This monumental effort also means that Newsec has achieved a major benefit for the environment. So great that it has been rewarded with the 2020 InExchange environmental award.

Fanny Avergborg och Fredrik Norén Fanny Avergborg och Fredrik Norén
The award was received by Fanny Averborg, purchasing coordinator at Newsec, and was presented by Fredrik Norén, key account manager at InExchange. Photo: Leo Agetoft, InExchange

InExchange provides digital services within business communication and, since 2014, it has been handing out its special environmental award.
The purpose of the award is to recognize companies, organizations and partners who focus diligently on switching to electronic invoice processes, thereby saving paper and also reducing their overall environmental footprint. Last week marked the eighth iteration of the award. Owing to the ongoing pandemic, the ceremony in Stockholm was conducted outdoors. The recipient was the property company Newsec, which was represented by its purchasing coordinator, Fanny Averborg.
“It feels amazing to receive this recognition.
Increasing the proportion of e-invoices is a priority issue that has engaged many of us in the company. The award is testimony to the excellent work that everyone involved has achieved,” says Fanny Averborg.

Strategic work

Last year, Newsec increased the number of e-invoices received to 197,000, compared with 99,000 the year before. The doubling is down to a wise strategy.
This included enlisting two KTH students as extra resources for the project.
An excellent result was achieved through determined cooperation in the organization, with a focus on statistics, regular analyses and follow-up.
An example of strategy was the production of statistics on which of the company’s suppliers sent the most invoices but with the least number of e-invoices. Based on this data, Newsec then contacted the suppliers in question in order to ascertain invoicing procedures, offer assistance in all types of issues and work with continuous follow-up.

“The increase in volume we experienced is fantastic. Hopefully it will make a big difference in our work and also for our customers,” says Fanny.
“And the environmental benefit is just the icing on the cake. We have a strong environmental awareness at Newsec and have a special sustainability group. As a property company, it is perhaps mainly the technical aspects that are discussed, such as energy savings etc., but the work we have just performed shows that the environmental aspects are also important in financial management. Even here it is possible to bring about positive environmental changes. That is why this initiative feels very good.”

Impressive commitment

Anders Jonsson, CEO of InExchange, congratulates the newly crowned award winners.
“It’s fantastic that Newsec took these steps and is so committed. The work accords well with its goals for sustainability and reduced environmental impact and is in line with our own ambitions in the same areas,” states Anders.

This is why Newsec received the 2020 InExchange environmental award:
“By taking exciting steps and through outstanding teamwork, Newsec has performed vital environmental initiatives. Not only has the quantity of incoming e-invoices shot up, but its suppliers have also been reminded that e-invoices result in a reduced environmental impact. The creativity and devotion shown to saving the Earth’s natural resources have made Newsec a worthy recipient of the 2020 InExchange environmental award.”

Previous winners of the InExchange environmental award:
2014 (two award ceremonies): Maskinfirma Glaj, Skövde, Swedol, Stockholm, 2015: Svevia, Solna, 2016: Unident, Falkenberg, 2017: Stena Recycling, Göteborg, 2018: Varbergs kommun, 2019: Språkservice, Malmö.

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