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Språkservice miljöpriset 2019 Språkservice miljöpriset 2019

Språkservice has a “feeling for communication.”
But it also has a huge feeling for a sustainable environment.
Its energetic efforts in the area include, among other things, a determined bid to send invoices electronically only and to encourage its clients to follow its example.
Språkservice is successful in being both a model and influence and was awarded the 2019 InExchange environmental award.”

Skövde-based InExchange is active within digital business communication.
E-invoice is the starting point for these services. The company’s annual award (established in 2014) is an important manifestation of the work involved in running a sustainable business and a sustainable society.

The award for 2019 goes to Språkservice Sverige AB in Malmö.
Family-owned Språkservice is one of Sweden’s largest interpreting and translation companies.
The company is characterized by its diversity.
42 different languages are spoken in the office. Two other distinguishing features are its strong environmental thinking and its desire to propel this development. Its goals include working to digitize its administration center.
Its proportion of e-invoicing is currently at 92.1 percent,
a figure that the company combines with being a proactive advocate for e-invoicing and e-commerce in procurement processes.

The environmental initiatives that Språkservice has accomplished and its eagerness to continue its progress, make it the rightful recipient of the 2019 InExchange environmental award.
“It feels fantastic. This is recognition that the commitment we have made to e-invoicing and e-commerce has paid off,” says the company’s chief accountant, Kerstin Forssman.
At this week’s award ceremony in Malmö, InExchange was represented by key account manager Per Löfving. He emphasizes the joy in awarding such a competent player as Språkservice.
“It’s really inspiring to have customers with this level of commitment and who always want to do even more. The enthusiasm Kerstin displays is fantastic, and the same spirit is clearly visible throughout the organization. We have an e-commerce group together with Språkservice for the purpose of developing and expanding the electronic transactions and the work involved in this. It feels exciting for the future,” emphasizes Per Löfving.

That’s not to mention “influencers”. Språkservice is undoubtedly one of those.
“We are obviously a service company and none of our production affects the environment, but the will to protect the environment permeates our everyday operations, not least in terms of when interpreters need to travel. Our employees mainly cycle or use public transport. Company bikes are located outside the office,” states Kerstin Forssman.
The company’s CEO, Jens Kofoed Hansen, also a dedicated cyclist, stresses:
“We work with sustainability and quality and are certified in both areas. That means that separating waste is not enough. It relates to overall responsibility.”

This is why Språkservice was awarded the 2019 InExchange environmental award:
“Språkservice translates and interprets every language in the world. The company also knows how best to communicate when it comes to invoices. In this world, it is the e-invoice that is the universal language.
Språkservice has learned to interpret this as well. With a huge amount of commitment, the company is working proactively and influencing the market in order to make things easier for itself and its customers. It has seen that e-invoicing brings many benefits, while also helping the environment.”

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