Thanks to steadfast, persistent and instructive work, Varberg Municipality has ensured that 97 percent of its invoices are received electronically.
“We are saving trees every day,” declares the municipality’s procurement manager, Laila Eklund.

The primary purpose of the InExchange environmental award, which was established in 2014, is to highlight the value of us all helping to conserve the Earth’s natural resources. Skövde-based InExchange is active within digital business communication. E-invoicing is the core of these services. The company’s annual distinction is awarded to customers who have taken special measures to reduce their own paper consumption and that of others.

The 2018 award goes to Varberg Municipality for its diligent work in persuading its suppliers to switch to e-invoicing. 97 percent of the municipality’s invoices are received electronically. This high proportion is very impressive.

Varberg is living up to its role as an eco-municipality.
“We want a Varberg that is still here for future generations. We are working actively with environmental issues as much as possible.
One of the goals is this issue with e-invoicing,” explains procurement manager Laila Eklund.
Laila thinks it is the municipality’s e-commerce developers Camilla Nylén Leffler, Cecilia Brag and Dan Kihlström who can take the lion’s share of credit for this success. In addition to formal requirements set during procurement, the trio have tried daily to persuade suppliers to send e-invoices,
and have had particularly positive results.
“It’s their insistent work that has resulted in us being awarded the InExchange environmental award,” says Laila Eklund.

Anders Jonsson, CEO of InExchange, states that Varberg Municipality is a worthy recipient of the 2018 InExchange environmental award.
“The award is an important manifestation of the long-term work involved in running a sustainable business and a sustainable society. Each step in the right direction is important. By using InExchange services for electronic invoice processing, Varberg is consolidating its position as a role model in sustainable development work.”

This is why Varberg Municipality was awarded the 2018 InExchange environmental award:Thanks to a strong and determined focus to push for high e-invoice volumes, Varberg Municipality is solidifying its position as a role model and pioneer in achieving sustainable development. Moreover, the environmental benefit goes hand in hand with other advantages. Varberg Municipality has understood the power of e-invoicing.”

Previous winners of the InExchange environmental award

Maskinfirma Glaj                  






Stena Recycling


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