Stena Recycling AB is synonymous with recycling. But the company is also good at saving paper. The number of e-invoices received has shot up in just two years. The increase has been very impressive. Stena Recycling AB therefore feels like a deserving recipient of the 2017 InExchange environmental award.

InExchange, which works with digital business communication, established its special environmental award four years ago. The distinction is awarded annually and is presented to a company that in one way or another has taken special measures to reduce its own paper consumption and that of others.
This year the environmental award goes to Stena Recycling AB in Gothenburg, which increased the proportion of e-invoices received at a blistering rate.
On Wednesday a certificate and flowers were presented to chief accountant Ulrika Madeberg and accounting clerks Annika Gutenberg and Irene Lund.
“Naturally we are proud of the award and also very pleased. It feels like a confirmation of the work that has been put in,” says Ulrika Madeberg. Annika Gutenberg adds:
“The task of reducing paper consumption is also totally right for our company. We are a recycling company. Doing this feels right on target.It’s natural for us.”

Mårten Köllerström, CEO of InExchange, believes that the company’s environmental award has become an important but also very fun tradition.
“This is one of the highlights of the year for us, because it showcases a tangible and visible result where we, along with our customers, have contributed to a better society,” says Mårten, who stresses:
“Not only do we share our values with Stena Recycling,
we now have additional evidence demonstrating that the company really is practicing what it preaches. By learning new procedures and processes and sharing this message with its suppliers, it is being sure to save the environment and, above all else, showing others how to do so as well. This is very impressive.”

This was the motivation:
“Stena Recycling’s ambition to reduce its environmental impact is reflected in its efforts to switch to e-invoicing. In two years, the company has increased the volume of e-invoices received by over 600 percent. Through active and continuous work, Stena Recycling has shown how quick it is to switch to an environmentally friendly solution.”

Previous winners of the InExchange environmental award

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